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About Us

About Us

Excellent team to protect the development of the company

The Group believes in each employee's ability, pays much respect to each employee's work, develops their sense of ownership and accomplishment so that employees voluntarily devote themselves to their work, meanwhile building a skilled, efficient and high quality team.

The Group emphasizes on identifying and promoting talented people and also building an experienced and reliable management team. The management team is familiar with the industry and loyal to the company with strong execution capability, innovation ability, cohesion and loyalty. The team has already become the mainstay of Dali and is supporting the rapid growth of the company.

Dali Management Team's "Execution" Culture

◆ Execution - Enable the company to effectively implement its business decisions, ensuring a smooth operation from production to marketing.
◆ Control - Ensure the company to have effective cost control and gain opportunities upfront in market competition.
◆ Innovation – Enable the company to differentiate from peers through innovations in marketing and management.
◆ Cohesion – Build up the team spirit through shared career vision, well-defined team goal and complementary advantages.
◆ Loyalty – Ensure the company to keep leading position and its unique advantages by demonstrating loyalty to the company and career.

Dali's Human Resources "Advantage" Strategy

Dali views its employees as important resources for the company development. It has established and improved talent training and promotion mechanism, enabling everyone to find a suitable place for him or her under the fair and open mechanism.

The management system comes first: Company develops a well-established employee training program to improve each employee's working quality, tap potential of each employee and build the team spirit. Also, the company develops a well-defined employee performance evaluation mechanism which helps measure employee's contribution to the company.

Follow the trend of talent development: Company motivates the employees through talent identification and promotion mechanism, ensuring talented people to stand out; Company also designed a development program for outstanding talented people, encouraging them to grow with the company and realize their own value.

职位名称 招聘人数 最低学历 工作经验 操作
  • 保安员/保安队长 4 人 全日制大专 不限
    1 .退伍军人或有保安的实际工作经验者优先;
    2 .男22-40岁身高170CM以上;
    3 .身体絔捣褚馐肚浚
    4 .无违法违纪记录.
  • 预算员(装修 .水电) 4 人 全日制大专 5.以上
    1 .具有造价员资格证;
    2 .能熟练编制 .审核工程预(结)算 .工程标底及工程量清单计价3 .熟练运用办公及工程计量 .计价软件;
    熟悉国家和项目所于地造价管理法规 .有施工现场管理经验 .有较强的工作责任心和良好的职业道德.
  • 机电总工 4 人 全日制大专 8.以上
    1 .给排水 .暖通相关专业或以上学历;
    2 .8.以上大中型房地产项目相关工作经验且有暖通工程现场实务经验;
    3 .有相关专业中级以上职称;
    4 .有责任心及严谨的职业操守和团队合作精神;
    5 .能够独立完成编制 .审核 .优化施工图纸 .施工计划等工作.
  • 媒介策划主管 4 人 不限 3.以上
    1 .熟悉媒介投放各模块流程 .品牌推广流程能独立完成项目媒介方案;
    2 .责任心强 .工作严谨 .善于沟通 .友善他人.
  • 文案策划主管 4 人 不限 1.以上
    1 .具备基本的网络知识具有扎实的文字功底和活跃的创意思维;
    2 .有良好的文字表达能力较强的活动策划能力扎实的中文写作功底;
    3 .具备较强的收集行业信息和分析能力;
    4 .能独立完成文案及软文的撰写广告 .新闻 .中文 .传媒相关专业及相关工作经验优先录用;
  • 采购文员 4 人 全日制大专 不限
    1 .有较强的沟通协调能力;
    2 .具备良好的职业操守和素养工作责任心强.
  • 采购员 4 人 全日制大专 2.以上
    1 .有较强的沟通协调能力;
    2 .具备良好的职业操守和素养工作责任心强;
    3 .有5金 .食品原辅材料 .农副产品 .广宣品 .包装 .工程等相关领域的采购或技术研发经验均可.
  • 仓库管理员 4 人 全日制大专 2.以上
    1 .有较强的沟通协调能力;
    2 .具备良好的职业操守和素养工作责任心强.
  • 财务储备干部 4 人 全日制大专 不限
    1 .财会 .经济 .金融等相关专业全日制大专以上学历;
    2 .愿意从基层管理岗位锻炼有较强的工作责任心.
  • 分公司财务经理/主办会计 4 人 全日制大专 资深
    1 .会计或财务管理相关专业全日制大专以上学历;
    2 .有丰富的工业企业 .房地产或酒店行业工作经验;
    3 .具备良好的职业操守和素养中级以上职称或有部门管理经验者优先.
  • General Management Department Director / Executive Deputy Director 4 Full-time college Senior
    Job requirements:
    1. Full-time college degree or above with rich experience in personnel and administrative logistics management;
    2. Ability to systematically master personnel, administrative logistics management and related laws and regulations;
    3. Have good professional ethics and literacy, strong leadership, organizational skills and communication and coordination skills;
    4. Have a strong sense of responsibility for work.
    5. Those who pass the inspection can be promoted to the executive deputy director.
职位名称 招聘人数 最低学历 工作经验 操作



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